Faithfulness breeds fruitfulness - CAC Living Water Devotional - Gospel Affairs

Faithfulness breeds fruitfulness – CAC Living Water Devotional

Monday, February 19, 2024


READ: Luke 16:1-12
MEMORISE: And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own? (Luke 16:12)

There is dignity in labour. Serving, whether in the public sector, private industry or within a spiritual context is a rare privilege and an honourable endeavour. Today’s devotional aims to challenge the prevailing but deplorable mindset captured in the phrase, “No one does government service with sweat! Whether you are employed in a private or public institution, your accountability is not only to earthly authorities but also to God, especially if you are a heaven-conscious believer (Heb. 13:11). You are a representative of God wherever you find yourself. Thus, faithfulness is an essential quality expected in all your services (1 Cor. 4:2). Faithfulness encompasses various aspects, including punctuality, regularity, dedication, loyalty, and a commitment to excellence. Your faithfulness begins from the moment you set foot in your workplace and extends throughout your service.

The story of Daniel (6:1ff) is as a remarkable example of how a godly individual can excel in the public and political service. Sadly, some government workers who identify as Christians may not exhibit the same level of diligence and commitment in their roles. Do you arrive at your duty post on time? Does your attendance reflect the expected regularity? Those who mishandle their roles in other people’s establishments are likely to do the same when in theirs. People who live by the notion that government service should not involve any effort often come to regret their choices later on. The message is clear: Stay faithful in your service, from start to finish. The Owner is watching!

1. Lord, help me to be faithful in that which You have committed into my hands
2. Lord, help me to pass the test of faithfulness in little things.
3. Lord, help Your Church to be faithful in this world of lies.

CAC GHB: 791

Numbers 25, 26

Almighty Father, help us to be faithful in other to be fruitful and multiply by Your amazing Grace, Amen.
Do have a supersonic week ahead, Shalom.

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