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Always Interceding by Pastor W.F Kumuyi




KEY VERSE: “I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine” (JOHN 17:9).

JOHN 17:6-19

Once a man was shown in a dream the ceaseless intercessory role of our Lord. As three women knelt praying, the Lord approached them one after the other. He knelt with tenderness and love beside the first. Next, He moved to the second, simply placing His hand on her and giving her a signal of approval. But Jesus passed by the third believer without stopping. In the dream Jesus explained His actions: “Without constant assurance, the first woman would stumble and fall. The second woman’s faith is stronger; I can count on her. The third, however, is being trained for the highest calling of all. She knows Me so intimately that she doesn’t need signs of My approval. No circumstance discourages her because she knows that ultimately she can trust Me.”

Christ’s prayer for the disciples shortly before His crucifixion also revealed that He is ever attentive to believers of all classes. Known as The High Priestly Prayer, the intercession was His assurance that even after His physical departure from the world, which was imminent, He would always be there for us. He was teaching us that we could connect to Him in heaven in supplication as He Himself was connecting to the Father in prayer. He prayed for sundry needs including our sanctification and oneness. His pleas to the Father spanned the generations to capture those who would be coming into the Kingdom through the preaching of His disciples.

The Lord is still praying for us as He watches us while seated on the right hand of God, where He is not oblivious of challenges confronting His children. He has also sent us the Holy Spirit to aid us in prayer.

We need such unending multiple layers of supplication to heaven this time, when Satan and his agents are mounting vicious attacks on the body of Christ through persecution and false miracles. They can be routed into defeat and powerlessness as we rest on God’s promises, stay united and focus on holiness and evangelism.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The Lord’s intercession suffices for our battles against the devil.


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