He Watches by Chris Kenny @iamChrisKenny

HE WATCHES tells more about God’s faithfulness to mankind. To the good, to the bad, He remains good. Psalms 34:19

Many are the affliction of the righteous but the LORD delivereth him out of them all. Our God never sleeps, He’s every second in charge and He still watches over His own.

About Chris Kenny

Chris Kenny is a young man passionate about Gospel Music. He hails from Osun state and was born in Lagos State of Nigeria into the family of the Akinlade’s.
Chris is graced in Making Music,Teaching and Impacting, Producing music, Songwriting etc. 
He has been a worship minister at various churches and denominations. 
Chris was the former Regional Music Director for PSF(Pastors Seeds Family) RCCG Region 21.

He is currently the Music Director for RCCG Celebration Cathedral, Oyo Province 5 in Ogbomoso and still serves as the Provincial Music Director for the Youths and Young Adult Fellowship of RCCG Oyo Province 6.
He runs the Glee Music, a team set to reach out to souls through music.

He Watches

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