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Enny Okosun

Enny Okosun-Shout Alleluia @ennyokosun

Enny Okosun

Enny Okosun is an Inspirational Artiste and an Ambassador for PeaceĀ . He was born in Lagos in the mid 70s and graduated with a Masters degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Lagos.
He shocked the world with his 1st album in 2012 and has after then released songs like Over again, Semilore, Hallelujah my father, Jesus the True Son, wave your flag & First Lady to mention but a few. He is at it once againā€¦..

Enny okosun who is away in dubai is using this beautiful song to praise God Almighty for his mercy and grace upon his life and family this September 28, 2018.

The Lyrical Video + AUDIO track is available here

Twitter: @jayjay1ng @ennyokosun

Alleluia Praise by Enny Okosun

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