The Word of God as the Overall Leader II by Rev Olusola Areogun

Spirit Meat Daily Devotional

Sunday 31st January 2021

By Rev Olusola Areogun


Psalm 119:105, Psalm 138:2

The voice of the masses should not be placed in the same class as the word of God. The fact that many are involved in a particular thing does not mean that it has God’s approval. The fact that many cut corners does not mean you should also cut corners.

Never promote another person’s experience above the Word of God. Many people like to do that, especially when they want to do something contrary to the will of God. The devil will help you to find people that have experiences that support your rebellion to make you go against the word of God. Once you go against the word of God on an issue and seemingly escape it, you will go against the word of God on other issues until it becomes your habit and you should expect the devil to come to collect payment soon.

The word of God will never lead you astray, it can only lead you upward and forward. It will abolish confusion because it is light unto your path. Don’t ever go against the scriptures because it is the word of God that will settle many confusing questions for you.

As we round up this month’s devotional, I want you to make a commitment today that you will not make it difficult for yourself to be led by the word of God and that you will follow God’s word. Commit yourself to study the word of God more than ever before that you may find out the will of God on every matter of life.

PRAYER: I make a fresh commitment today to study God’s Word more than ever before to find out His will over every matter that concerns me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Exodus 12:14-13:16, Matthew 20:29-21:22, Psalm 25:16-22, Proverbs 6:12-15

Spirit Meat Daily Devotional

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