Spirit Meat Daily Devotional 10-2-19


Spirit Meat Text- JOB 23:1-9; MALACHI 3:6; HEBREWS 13:8

7. Complaining confuses you further.When believers complain in prayer, they get more confused: “Does God really answer prayers? Maybe it’s not for me, maybe it’s for another person.” These are the kinds of prayers that the devil fills your mind with in order to confuse you. Complaining gets you out of the light of the word of God into the darkness of human opinions, unbelief and all sorts of lies of the devil that wrap a man up in the spirit of confusion. In some cases, this satanic confusion can be so much that the individual may forget his/her name.  There are people that pray themselves into confusion. Such wouldn’t know when they start saying that God has failed them and doesn’t love them anymore which is not correct. If God answered the prayer of someone yesterday, there’s nothing like He’s not going to do the same for you because the Bible says God is no respecter of persons. (Acts. 10:34). For God to do something for someone in the Bible and be unwilling to do it for you today (if you do what that Bible personality did) is to say that God has respect of persons, but He doesn’t. In the book of Job, Job said he would fill his mouth with arguments and complaints, but what happened? He couldn’t find God (Job 23:1-9). He said he turned to the right, He was not there, he turned to the left, He was not there and the problem began to get magnified until God began to correct Job. You need to learn how to pray correctly and not enter into complaints.

PRAYER: Lord, I thank you for what You have done for me. I refuse the tendency to complain and I embrace a life of thanksgiving. I shut down every confusion arising from previous complaints in Jesus’ name. Amen!

BIBLE IN A YEAR: Exodus 30:11-31:18, Matthew 26:47-68, Psalm 32:1-11, Proverbs 8:27-32

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