Seed of Destiny Daily Devotional 18-1-19

Friday 18th January 2019


Seed of Destiny SCRIPTURE: And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Malachi 3:17.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Anything you are privileged to do, do it well in order not to end in mockery.

Sometime ago, a relative of mine who came to church saw the way I was dancing before the Lord when the praise session was going on. Then after the service, he told me, ‘What you are doing now for God and enjoying yourself is what we wasted our lives doing for the devil in disco and party dance many years ago and gained nothing.’

Our father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo was dedicated to God while in school and God differentiated him from others. One day, his teacher told him, ‘David, you are going too extreme with your Christianity; do you realise that you are a student?’ And he replied the man, ‘Serving God is the first occupation of my life. I am a full time Christian and a part time student’.

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This means, being a Christian was more important to him than being a student. One day, he wrote an examination and they marked his papers, he scored one hundred and twenty percent. His answer was so excellent that the teacher forgot that the maximum mark should be one hundred percent.

Beloved, dedication is key to distinction; anything you are privileged to do, please do it well in order not to end in mockery.

Remember this: Anything you are privileged to do, do it well in order not to end in a mockery.

1. Make up your mind to be different from other people by standing firm for God.
2. Deploy all your strength, energy and potentials in serving God totally and excellently.

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for the grace to be different from other people in standing firm for You. I receive Your Help to deploy my energy in serving You totally and excellently, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

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TODAY IN HISTORY: 18/01/1896 – The X-ray machine was exhibited for the first time.
DAILY READING: Genesis 37:1 to 38:30, Matthew 12:22 to 45, Psalm 16:1 to 11, Proverbs 3:27 to 32.

AMAZING FACT: The eye functions like a camera, capturing light and sending data back to the brain.

QUOTE: Prayer connects man with God’s Presence. Culled from PRINCIPLES AND POWER OF PRAYER by Dr Paul Enenche.

Source: Seed of Destiny Daily Devotional

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