Rhapsody of Reality Daily Devotional 9-12-18

Sunday 9th December 2018


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart…In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

One day, as I studied the Bible, some thoughts went through my mind. I pondered, “If the Lord really does know everything, that means He knows tomorrow.” Then again I thought, “Since He knows the future, then He knows everything I’ll ever do, say, think, and everywhere I’ll ever go.” Now, all that while, I was meditating on the Scriptures and having this soliloquy.

The result was, I realised that the Lord could actually see in my tomorrow or in the future if I’m going to do or say something that’s not right. And since He already knows, He can fix things ahead for me. Then I said, “Lord, since you know my tomorrow, can you effect some corrections ahead before I ever get there?” Interestingly, He wasn’t quiet about it, and He didn’t reprimand me either for having all those thoughts. Rather, He said to me, “You’re right; I can do it if you want me to.” This reveals how truly kind and gracious He is. We can, and should, actually trust Him with our future.

Rhapsody of Reality Daily Devotional

Imagine that you have a child crawling on the floor, and you can see something dangerous in front of him, and you know the child is going to pick it up. Surely, you’re going to go ahead of the child to eliminate that danger. If you’d do that, how much more our heavenly Father! That’s one of the reasons you can trust God to lead you. If you trust Him with your future, He’ll direct your path. If you trust Him, He’ll go ahead of you, and fix things. He can change anything for your good; for your advantage. Even if you’ve gone in the wrong direction all your life, if you’d embrace Him today, He’ll make everything right. He can create for you a new destiny. He’s God Almighty!

Not only does He know everything about you, He knows everything about life. The future belongs to Him; He made it; without Him, there’s no future. Put yourself, therefore, into His guiding arms, under His Lordship, for His Lordship is the lordship of love. Trust Him without reservation, and He’ll make your life beautiful; He’ll lead you in glory and excellence, to fulfil your destiny in Him.


Dear Father, thank you for your love. You’re the Lord of my life; and you know everything, including my future. Thank you for taking responsibility for my life, and for being more interested in, and passionate for, my success than I could ever be for myself, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 1:19 TLB; Proverbs 3:5-6 AMPC


1-year bible reading plan :Revelation 2:1-17 & Hosea 1-2
2-year bible reading plan :Revelation 10:1-11 & Obadiah

Source: Rhapsody of Reality Daily Devotional

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