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Living Water Daily Devotional 30-11-18


Friday, November 30, 2018

Living water


Read: Romans 9:6-21
MEMORISE: Therefore He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens (Romans 9:18).

Mercy can be basically said to be “an unmerited favour.” If we are to go by merit, no direct, indirect or extended descendant of Adam deserves it, because mankind lost it fundamentally since the Eden saga (Gen. 3:1ff). In the contemporary life, almost everything is claimed to be gotten on merit: gain employments, university admissions, elections, into governances just to mention few. However, justification for the claim is unrealistic in our world of godfatherism, nepotism, tribalism and highly opinionated religionism!

Mercy is not saying “Even if he sins and continues sinning, he is still My chosen one.” Nothing like that, going by scriptures! Rather, mercy says “Though I chastise him sore, with plenteous mercy I will restore him.” Consider David. By merit, he was unqualified to ask. The odd against him was that he was the last among his father’s sons. But by God’s unquestionable judgement, he was preferred above others who seemingly merited it! Mercy has been there before you were born. The fact that you are alive even when countless of your mates have gone shows, primarily, that God has mercy on you.

Esau and Jacob were never born by prophecy, yet God chose (loved; preferred) the latter above the former. God makes no mistakes. He knows end from the beginning. He was never partial, and can still never be. May His mercy speak for you where merit fails, in Jesus’ name.

Do you want to continue to enjoy the mercy of God? Make Jesus Christ your Lord and shepherd, dwell in His Word and walk consistently, then you would not be cut off (Psalm 23).

1. I have no power of my own. I confess to you, Jesus. You are my all in all.
2. Lord Jesus, let Your mercy speak for me where merit fails.
3. Pray that God should in His infinite mercies visit prisons with His salvation, and grant release to those who are languishing therein for sins they know nothing of.


Source: Living Water Daily Devotional

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