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Thursday 17th January 2019

Read: Psalm 119:25-42
MEMORISE: For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow (Hebrew 4:12).

Creatures should know that the Creator is above all in all things. God has designed everything according to His wishes from the beginning, so that no one escapes from Him and His judgement. The wicked people are always afraid of receiving the same evils they do against people. They are afraid of judgement of their evil deeds, but the same will be meted out to them very soon. Nothing is hiding in the presence of God and His Word rather, everything is laid bare before Him. Even what you did or do while alone in the public and/or secret are not hidden from the eyes of God. When God speaks, He opens up our secrets, so that we may know that He is God who sees all things. He created the eyes, therefore, He sees all things. Then how come that people are annoyed when God reveals their secret and they are mad at their Pastors while teaching or preaching (Heb. 4:13).

The Word of God reveals secrets of all men. Adam said, I heard your voice… I was naked (Gen. 3:10). The Word of God does not cover sin but reveals it. The insults you rained on your wife or husband or your pastor are naked and uncovered before God. The drink you do take before you speak in a spiritual meeting, or the evil thought in your heart are naked and open before God. God can direct His voice to us, when we are in a Christian service in order to exalt and lift us up by the power of His Word. He can do the same when He desires to purify us from all impurities. We will be strong in the Lord when hear from Him and take to corrections.

Everyone who hears from Him and takes heed to His Word is strengthened again by the power of His Word. Like obedient children, the fathers are always happy with them (Malachi 3:16-18), more than that, God is happy with us when we obey Him and take to His correction. It is then that enemies will not be able to rejoice over us. Satan knows this secret: our obedience to God demoralizes and disarms him. Our obedience to God is the secret of answered prayers offered to Him. Obedience to God is the secret of infilling with the Holy Spirit. Obedience to God is the secret of spirituality and Christian growth. In order to enjoy these blessings, we need to hear from God and obey Him.

1. Lord, give me obedient hearts and actions today.
2. I destroy every power fighting against in heart when I want to obey You, O Lord.
3. Lord, help all Your children to obey You and stand by Your Word in Jesus’ name.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: Genesis 35:13 –37:4; Matthew 12:8 – 12:29

Source: Living Water Daily Devotional

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