Living Water Daily Devotional 13-11

Living Water Daily Devotional

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Living water


Read: Psalm 80:12-19

Restore us, O LORD God of hosts; Cause Your face to shine, and we shall be saved! (Psalm 80:19).

Revival, contrary to what many think, refers to spiritual re-awakening. Physical and spiritual exercise like clapping, jumping, singing, drumming and fun-faring, of which we think revival is, are so many on our streets today. Only the body is revived but the spirit is dead! As if that is not enough. Having publicized in major media outlets and thousands gather at the crusade/revival venue, it is expected that the revivalist should first of all show the way of salvation to the revival crowd, which are mixed multitudes of sinners, religious adherents and slumbering Christians. However, this is not so, number one thing that is paramount to many of the revivalists is to distribute their printed bank account details to the crowd in other to get “instant miracles”! Is that what is called revival? God really needs to revive us.

Living Water Daily Devotional 

True revival brings repentance, restitution and rejuvenation. It is not a commotion, but a committed effort, which starts with humble prayers and seeking the face of the Lord devotedly. The truly revival-prone prayers are not the ones discoloured with our denominational bigotry, or the ones occasioned by our selfish ambitions, but prayer that are firmly Bible-based that God alone be honoured because His honour is sullied; His blessed and gracious Son has been ignored, His Church insulted and assaulted; His laws broken with impunity; His Name profaned, His Blood undermined, His house, sadly, becomes a circus of social efforts!

Only these and the like prayers can make revival to occur. Will you be an agent? Rise today, let us go to God in faith, humility, sincerity and high expectation.


1. Lord Jesus, make me an agent of true revival in Your Church.
2. Lord, put an end to the bastardisation of Your intention for organizing indoor and outdoor revival programmes.
3. Lord, help the revivalists who are truly born-again and called of You to saturate our society with Your true gospel in evangelistic outreaches.


Good morning and happy new day. May testimony of goodness fill our life in Jesus name Amen.

Jesus is coming soon. Be prepared to reign with Him.

Source: Living Water Daily Devotional

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