Hold God’s Word Fast by Pastor W.F Kumuyi




TEXT: 2 TIMOTHY 1:8-13

MEMORY VERSE: “Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus” (2 TIMOTHY 1:13).

As part of the last days’ activities, high profile Christians are abandoning the faith they once defended with commitment and tenacity. Former pastors now proclaim atheism and many are apostates speaking evil against Christ and Christians. According to a study, 80 – 90% of Christian students lose their faith by the time they graduate from college; and 64% of born-again Christians question some aspects of the word of God. There are many reasons why people who previously believed the word of God and expressed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ eventually become weak in their faith. In our text, Paul recognised afflictions and fear of ridicule as possible causes of backsliding.

It is possible that some people who are now acting contrary to the word of God never even gave their lives to Christ, but are just hypocrites. Some have faith, but their roots in the gospel truth are shallow; and when exposed to a crisis and trial, their faith will crash. To hold fast to the word of God, you must be fully persuaded. And you must keep the gospel that you have been given to proclaim among friends and neighbours.

QUOTE: You must be fully persuaded.

CHALLENGE: Will your anchor hold?

PRAYER: Lord, I believe Your Word.

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