Higher Everyday Daily Devotional 3-12-18




TEXT: And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship(Exodus 35:31).

Someone said, ‘Wisdom is better than strength. “This is quite true. Have you heard of the gifted man called Bezaleel, the son of Uri of the tribe of Judah? This man was filled with God’s infinite or unlimited wisdom to do all manners of work. Beza feel was a child of God and on this basis, God gave him the Spirit of wisdom to do what he did. When God filled Bezaleel with His Spirit, he became more creative in all that can be designed, refined, manufactured or built. That anointing also helped Joseph to successfully control the economy of Egypt during seven years of global famine.

You too can be filled with God’s Spirit to do great exploits in divers professions, if you ask Him out of a pure heart {James 3:I 3, 17). However, you can only possess God’s unlimited resources if you surrender your life to Christ and come into a close relationship with Him today. He will give you wisdom, understanding and knowledge as He gave to Bezaleel.

CHALLENGE: God’s wisdom is for all those who seek and obey Him.

PRAYER: God, fill me with this anointing for awesome exploit.

FURTHER READING: Exodus 35:31 – 35.

Source: Higher Everyday Daily Devotional

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