Higher Everyday Daily Devotional 31-1-19



BIBLE TEXT:”That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart” (ROMANS 9:2).

*David Livingstone was moved with compassion when he read a challenge from a missionary in Africa that,*_*”On a clear morning the smoke of a thousand villages could be seen where the name of Christ had never been heard.”*_ *The burden for the unsaved in Africa made him to abandon his medical practice in England. In the course of spreading the gospel in South Africa, he was attacked and maimed by a lion and frequently brought down by fever and dysentery. In May, 1873, David Livingstone was found dead on his knees by his bed interceding for Africa. According to his request, his native converts buried his heart in Africa, while his body was taken to England.*

*Apostle Paul shared his own passionate burden for the salvation of his people in the Bible text of today. Do you have the same burden for the unsaved around you? Are you concerned about the salvation of your unsaved parents, brothers, sisters, friends, mates, tutors and neighbours? Do the torments and sorrows that await them in hell worry you? You can do something about it now. Delay is dangerous.*

💭“`QUOTE:“` _*Delay is dangerous*_

🔮 “`CHALLENGE:“` _*Let’s share in this burden.*_

🙏 “`PRAYER:“` _*Almighty Father, give me compassion for the lost, in Jesus name.*_

📜 “`FURTHER READING:“` *MATTHEW 9:35-36*📜📜

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