Higher Everyday Daily Devotional 20-1-19

Sunday 20th January 2019


TEXT: If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me (Psalm 66:18).

It is great when youths pray. It causes the of our souls to tremble because he knows the havoc these vibrant holy young ones can wreak in his kingdom; but mocks sinning boys and girls when they pray. God delights in hearing the petition of young ones; however when they drink iniquity like water and engage in prayer, it is an abomination that prevents them from getting answers to their prayers. ‘Unanswered prayers’ may not always be due to sin. Someone said, “If the request isn’t right the answer is ‘No.’ If the timing isn’t right His answer is ‘slow.’ If you aren’t ready yet His answer is ‘Grow.’ When everything is ready and right…His answer is ’Go.’

Youths should understand that God’s ‘no’ is not always a rejection but a redirection either to first repent of unconfessed sin or a preparation to give something better than was asked for. Prayers must however be in line with the revealed will of God for them to be answered.

CHALLENGE: The prayer of a righteous youth is powerful and effective.

QUOTE: God’s ‘No’ is not always rejection but a redirection

PRAYER: Teach me to pray, Oh God!

FURTHER READING: James 1:6, Job 15:16

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