Always Meticulous by Pastor W.F Kumuyi




TEXT: Exodus 26:16-30

“And thou shalt rear up the tabernacle according to the fashion thereof which was shewed thee in the mount.” – (Exodus 26:30).

In many societies nowadays, collapse of buildings and other architectural structures in on the the rise. Experts have blamed the ugly trend on the refusal or inability of some construction engineers to heed to the recommended specifications.

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Sadly, a good number of people have died prematurely as a result of such accidents resulting from collapse of building. While death tolls continue to mount, some building contractors and their employers have remained unperturbed. Unlike man, God is orderly. He takes into account every minute thing; hence, the specifications for the tabernacle.

The Almighty did not just abandon the job of decision making on the choice of building materials to the builders. He saw the need to give a prior directive. This was to ensure beauty, acceptability and durability of the structure.

The passage is a challenge to every true believer. The Christian journey calls for implicit obedience. Questioning the divine instructions amounts to wilful disobedience, and by extension, sinfulness. Israel did not look at the seemingly complicated nature of the instructions on the pattern for the tabernacle, neither did they brush the instructions aside. But they heeded it even at a time it was very difficult to obey.

Always Meticulous by Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Likewise, we must be ready to obey God’s instructions. Our prayer should be that God should grant us, first, a willing heart; and second, the grace to obey without murmur. It is, however, important to note that believers are the authentic tabernacle of God, for He does not dwell in a tabernacle build by hand any more. We are to ensure that our Christian life is strong to withstand every adverse weather.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.


Source: Daily Manna Devotional

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