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You are success by Sola Isola @sola_isola

Albert Scheitzer wrote “success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”. Most times when I listen to people or talk to  people, most especially successful people, what I look forward to hearing are wonderful quotes and perhaps some magical ways of becoming successful, I then found out that they did not do any magic but rather they grew up to that extent.

Let me say here that “Success has no definition but the definition of success is how successful you  are” I know you are already wondering and you are thinking of checking the dictionary or even google. So let me take you there, the dictionary said “success is something which happens as a consequence, the outcome or result of something. Also the achievement of one’s aim of goal. After seeing this I will like to remind you that when you check the dictionary for something, we say you just checked the dictionary meaning of success, you can then agree with me that the dictionary meaning of economic is not the definition of economics.

You are Success by Sola Isola

Success can then be said to be a person, so who is success? Success is who you are. God created man in his own image after his own likeness. Before that creation, God was already creating but by his word, everything God made, He called forth but for man God formed man and not only that breath into man and man became a living soul.

So the question is, can God fail? And I think I have only one way of answering that question but firstly I say God cannot fail. Now this is how I want to answer the question, after God had formed man, God blessed man and gave man dominion over every living thing and on the seventh day God rested and blessed the day.

Now God did the creation for seven days, in the middle of these seven days, He could have rested because He is God and was not accountable to anybody, but God is God, He has a sense of success and waited to complete His creation and then He rested. God succeeded , God did not fail, you are the image of God, you carry the breath of God you will not fail. If God did not fail the Success is who You are.

You are Success by Sola Isola

So what was I saying, most people think that because they are not successful is why they are not happy but rather I will say it is because you are not happy that you are not successful. The basis is that you just need to be focused on making yourself happy, you don’t take a job or position because they will pay you a large amount of money and you know very well that you will not be happy. So I want to challenge you today to go out there and pursue happiness, when you find happiness you will be surprised how successful you have become. “Success is who you are”… You will succeed…

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