Why Proscrastinate? by Sola Isola

There is one thing that kills destiny faster than anything and its also one of the reason people dont progress in life.  It is called PROCRASTINATION. Procrastination is bad and its a disease that needs to be given attention and be well treated. Procrastination leads to retrogression and that is the opposite of progress.

Do not be fond of saying “i will do it tomorrow”. Tomorrow will come and you will say i will do it tomorrow.

Maybe we need to look very well at the word tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come and that is because by the time it comes, the name has changed and its now called Today.

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Today is the tomorrow you talk about yesterday. Yesterday you are saying tomorrow, when it comes you said tomorrow and i have grown to know that tomorrow will never finish. So if you continue to say tomorrow, you will find out you wont do anything.

So whatever it is you want to do, do it today. Today is the best time to do it, today is the best time to act. Act fast, do sharp. People who take step fast enough and they are the people who achieve big in life.

Do you want to join them. Then act now.

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