“When you have no will, you will have no will”-Sola Isola

A popular saying states that “success is first within before without”. In other words, to achieve greatness, you must be able to have seen it. When you see it, you will get it.

But you won’t get it as magic, the WILL to succeed will keep you going, such that you wont quit even when you fail an attempt and it seems the road has ended.

The first will in that quote is the will to succeed. Its the motivation behind every step you takes towards achieving your greatness. This is a major tool in the life of anybody that wants to be successful in the.

👉🏾 It fuels your passion.

👉🏾 It harbours the ability to starts all over.

👉🏾It strengthen your determination, persistence and perseverance.

👉🏾 It keeps on awake, keeps you on feet, gets you ready for tomorrow’s task even when you don’t know what the task will be.

Show me a man that has failed woefully and i will show you a man who has lot his will to succeed.

The word “I WILL” is perhaps one of the greatest word that you can possess in your arsenal because when you have that it helps your emotions to stand correctly even when physically nothing seems to be working and when emotions are right, its only a matter of time before the physical catches up.

The second will is the one they read when you die, where they begin to name your “ASSET” and how you have decided to share or distribute it. Am not an advocate of will but that’s a topic for another day.

Now look at that point earlier stated. The content of a will is your asset, not your liabilities or debt acquired, in other words the will is only for people who have made in life and not people that left debt for their children to clear.

And “if you are not an asset, you will have no asset” because “what you are within is who you are without. Asset is your capacity and ability that will later translate to success or accomplishment for you and that’s why we refer to some people as an asset and we run away when we see some people, because they are a liability.

As children, economics described us as dependent, meaning that we depend on our parent for survival but the way economics put it we grow to a stage where people depend on but the point where economics missed it is the point where economics said at old age we end up depending on our children.

Can you imagine Bill Gate ever depending on his children for basic needs even if he decides not to work anymore the rest of his life.

At a certain age we have to stop being a liability, little wonder why they say a fool at 40 is a fool ever because at the age 40, you are no longer a youth and strength will start diminishing so you may not be able to do like you really wish to do.

I wont say much about will sharing but i will you to know that the time to start is now, that is the beauty of the life. There is no point when you start that it is too late but look at it from this angle, why start at 40 when you can start at 25 so that when you are 40 you already have 15 years credit to yourself and certainly at that point you are already enjoying the proceed of your first will.

Think about it.

God will help you

Sola Isola
Gospel Affairs Network

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