What God said: Theme Exposition by Sola Isola


Day 1: Theme Exposition

What God Said

Let me say at first that whatsoever God has said is bound to come to pass. The bible said that God is not a man that he should lie, neither a son of man that he should repent. In other words, lie telling is not in the nature of God, then ever liar is not a child of God.

Second thing, God cannot repent of his word… He is the almighty. If he said, he said it. And there will be no point where He will say I did not say so. Only men do that, God doesn’t.

Point Blank Conference 2019 Day 1

From the bible, we are made to understand as confirmed in John chapter one that this world was framed by the word of God. The only thing God made with his hand is man, every other thing, he called it. If we now look at that Genesis 1 very well, there is no point in time, where he said something and there was a delay before it happened

“And God said let there be light and there was light”. Look at that use of English…. And there was. Literally one would have thought that they wrote it that way because the bible it was more like a past tense. But that’s not why it is written in past tense. I will tell you why it’s in past tense

Each time God speaks, that thing He said was already in His past, so they are bound to happen. The bible said, God exalts his Word above his Name. In other word, the word of God is greater than the name of God. Isn’t that interesting?

What God Said: Theme Exposition by Sola Isola

And that why when we pray we need to quote the bible to remind Him of what He said. So when God speaks, His word, is His past but for us men, the same word of God is our future.

Isaiah 9:6 ” For unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder…. Did you see that, that’s in the book of Isaiah, talking about the birth of Jesus Christ? And the purpose of Jesus, which as at then was the future of men. As a matter of fact, the prophecy of the birth of Jesus Christ did not come to pass until almost after one thousand years

How did I know? Look at the when the prophecy of His birth had started coming. Look at when He was born.  And research has it that the gap between the last chapter in the Old testament and Matthew in the new testament is about 400 years.

Point Blank Conference 2019 Day 1

Now the word of God is described in Hebrew 4:12 to be sharper than two edged swords. Imagine the power of a two edged sword and it’s not even as powerful as the word of God. It’s not because of the world itself, it’s because the word of God is backed up God himself. And trust me, anything backed up by God is settled. The bible said, if God be for us, who can be against us?

So I think, what we all need in our life is the word of God. So we need to develop the ability and the capacity to hear from God. This cannot be over emphasized.

Look at David, the man after Gods heart, the man who never lost a battle. But do you know why David never lost a battle? It’s because David never went on any battle without asking God if he should go or not, and whatever God said is what David will do. He never disobeys

Some of us, God is speaking to us but we are selective, we are choosing to listen to the one that we like and the one that suits us. God needs faithful servants. Remember, obedience is a proof that you trust God. we need total obedience to follow God.

Point Blank Conference 2019 Day 1

And that bible that you carry has become your pillow, has everything you need. Read your bible. Pray to God to open up his word to you. Life can be easier I tell you the truth. The bible, is the manual of our life and to live a very good life, we need to use the manual.

Everyone who lives on the word of God, will never make mistakes. Because God know the ending from the beginning. So he will never allow you to go wrong.

I pray for you tonight, that God will grant you speed. And open up his word to you. The Lord bless you

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