Keep Moving on by Sola Isola @gospelaffairsng

Most time people are confused as to why they are at a point in there life for a long time. The issue there is that instead of trying to solve the problem they find who to blame.

The problem so many people have is that they solve the mathematics of today with yesterday’s formula and they live on the past glory, this is also an enemy of progress.

Things are changing daily, solutions are being discovered daily to so many problems and people will always go for the best. Peugeot 504 was one of the best cars Peugeot company has produced but when the world moved forward and so many exotic cars were made, if Peugeot had dwelled on the fact that Peugeot is well accepted by now that company would have been finished.

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Look at Nokia, recently Microsoft bought over the company and the CEO said “we did nothing wrong but we did nothing and that was wrong” and he started crying, now so many have said alot of thing about that but the truth is Nokia had the best phone in terms of durability and battery life but more than that people’s need and taste changed but nokia refused to change, they were living on past glories and so it was till they lost out.

So i want to encourage someone today to dare something new, change your approach, leave your past and live your dream, have a new dream. Leave your past victories and face a new challenge. You will succeed.

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