6 Commandments of Ignorance by Sola Isola

Life is on and on. It keeps going on. A lot of people have failed because they have been unable to identify good opportunities that would have propelled them and set them on a part to there destiny.

What you know, you know. What you don’t know, you don’t know. So here is the question, is what you know enough to make you that person you want to become?

Are you sure that what you don’t know will not later affect how your journey goes, because the truth is, your decisions are shaped by two things which is Emotion and logic.

Those two guys (Emotion and Logic) are formed by what you know so in other words your decisions are based on what you know.

If you take an emotion/rational decision is because of what you know, either you have seem something or someone told you something.

If you also take a logical/intellectual decision, it will because you know that if your decision is irrational, there maybe complications.

You see, our life is a reflection of our decision and by extension what we know. So you are what you know.

A lot of people say often that, you have to know someone before you get something’s done maybe  because we are Nigerians and that seems to be the situation we have found ourselves but several times that rule has been displaced by a lot of people who knows nobody yet survived the harsh nature of the country and broke through the tide. Why not you?

See, there are implications for whatever shapes your decision and thats where you have to be deliberate with what you know.

If your own decision is based on emotion, it will most likely take care of your immediate need so much that you are not even thinking about what happens next.

And there is a question everyone who wants to move forward in life has to be able to ask which is “what next?”. After you have done one thing or the other. What will happen next?

Emotion have been know to be strong but has a short life span so it washes in no time, so by the time the emotion is no longer there, will you be able to stand by that decision you have made?

Logic isn’t always right but most time logic hits the nail and face the fact. Logic may push you to take a painful decision but its been tested logic pays off always.

The difference between these two guys is that Emotion can based on nothing but a biase but Logic is always based on what you know so if you know nothing then you are nothing.

What do you know?

The big challenge is that a lot of people dont know and they don’t now know that they dodnt know. Now that’s ignorance.

1. Though Shall Acknowledge what thou knowest not

The first rule of knowledge is acknowledgement of ignorance. What this mean is that the first thing to do is to accept the fact that you dont much or that you dont know anything. You must acknowledge that you are ignorant. Thats being honest with your self.

2. Thou shall Search

The second rule of knowledge is searching.
At this point, you are now looking for what it is that you need to know and you don’t know, you are asking yourself questions.

3. Thou shall decide what to know

The third rule of knowledge is Deciding what to know. When you have identified many things that you don’t know, you may have to decide which one you want to stay with. In other words, what you don’t know determines what you need to know.

4. Thou Shall Study

The Fourth Rule of Knowledge is Study/Learning. This can not be overemphasized. You have to study to know anything you wish to know. It may require that you go to a school, apply for a course or something. Ways of studying include reading, listening to people/or tapes on a topic, watching videos and so on.

5. Thou shall test the knowledge

The fifth rule of knowledge Testing. When you were in school, at the end of each term you wrote and exam and those guys that failed the exam had to do a resit. In life, progress comes only after you have passed the test either knowingly or unknowingly. In this case, nobody will be there to mark the script and that’s where honesty comes back to the fore, when you are testing what you have learned, you will have to be honest with yourself. If you dont pass thia stage, it is rather advisable to keep trying until you pass it.

6. Thou Shall apply the knowledge

The sixth rule of knowledge is application. Wisdom is said to be the right application of knowledge, so those guys that we see and call wise men, they are only wise because the have a level of knowledge and they have been able to train themselves enough to be able to apply that knowledge that they have.

Finally, knowledge is slightly tempting but i beseech you, dont fall for it, you are not the only one who has it.

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