Sola Allyson Releases 10th Album

One of Nigeria’s foremost gospel singers, Sola Allyson recently released her tenth album titled, Imisi on the 7th of July 2022. In line with the release of the 8-track album, she held a concert on the 17th of July at the Marcellina’s Place, Ikeja to celebrate a successful journey and give her guests a one of a kind ministration she titles, ‘Graceful Journey’ as she recounts the blessing of her almost two decades singing career.

Speaking about the new album, Allyson said, “My 10th album is not really different from all the albums I have been doing before. There is a way I write my songs and that’s the way I always want to be with a theme of hope, love, encouragement, worship of the Almighty and much more.

“Technically, things are getting better with my productions but the spirit is the spirit always. I get inspired all the time because I’m always ready to receive as I don’t play with my time. I’m very intentional about the things that I do and am cautious that inspiration can come to me at any point. There are some songs that I wrote in my album now that I have received long before now. So, I receive things to say and do all the time.”

Sola is undoubtedly a blessing to many who have heard her music and gotten blessed by her ministrations. Attesting to this, she adds, “I know now that I’m not just singing for singing sake as my music suits intuitive listening. I’m intentional and deliberate about the way I express my songs and when people hear them they say it’s deep and all that but I see myself as a normal human being living my life. I’m also cautious to be awake to receive from the Spirit of God when he decides to direct me.”

Shedding more light on her career and finding her purpose in what she is doing and how she is going about it she said, “Whoever finds purpose have found everything as you have found your purpose you have found your ministry and career. Everybody isn’t sent to everybody as I have been privileged to find my soul’s path. The way my music is, there are many people who don’t understand the language I’m singing in but the message and essence of my music blesses them.”

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