God will judge all evildoers by Pastor W.F Kumuyi





KEY VERSE: “Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; that useth his neighbour’s service without wages, and giveth him not for his work” (JEREMIAH 22:13).

It is often assumed that in life, the powerful can literally get away with anything. Their wealth, influence and wide acclaim somehow confer on them a mystique that makes it impossible to bring them to account for their conducts. With the passage of time, they may even begin to assume that there is nothing wrong with their actions. But while they may get away from men, they cannot escape the inevitable judgment from God.

Jehoiakim, the son of Josiah, was taught to live right by his father but deviated from his good example. He became wicked, oppressed and exploited his people very much. He was unwilling to pay them for their labour, but insisted on utilising their skills, talents and time to build himself a magnificent edifice. For cheating and oppressing his people, God decreed that he shall die unmourned and buried as an outcast. And because his son Coniah continued in his footsteps, he too was rejected by God. The Lord abandoned him to his enemies who sought his life. He would go into exile from which he would not return. He would become the last king of Judah from the lineage of Solomon and would not have any child to succeed him.

You can never inherit your parents’ faith. You must make a definite choice to personally establish a good relationship with the Lord. You must endeavour to follow the examples of Jesus Christ and shun all evil practices such as fraud, cheating, covetousness and selfishness. Where you have gone astray, you should repent and return to the Lord.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Evil pays a harmful prize. Avoid it!



The reality of divine curse

1. A divine curse
a. Jeconiah unrepentant disposition provoked God to anger and he was cursed, v30. What is the implication of this curse?
b. He might have children, but the children will live as if they did not exist. None will be able to succeed him on the throne, v30. Is that all?
c. His generation was cursed. He and his children will never prosper in life, v30.
d. Interestingly Jesus did not come from that lineage which was the lineage of Joseph. Jesus’ biological real lineage is that of Mary. Our Lord dodged the curse and therefore He could and will sit on the throne of David during the millennial reign and prosper on the throne

How can someone know if his/sufferings are as a result of divine or human curse?

2. Divine punishment
What is the difference between a divine curse and punishment?

a. Read each verse in the text carefully and outline the judgements on the evil king and Judah and juxtapose them with the reasons why those judgements were pronounced on them.
b. Are you free from the reasons behind the judgements pronounced?

Prayer points
Give praise to Jesus because He has redeemed you from the curse of the law through His blood
Ask the Lord to show mercy and take away any curse or punishment that may be working in your life
Claim the blessing of God on your children and grandchildren
Ask God to use the coming crusade to erase every trace of curses from the participants

HYMN: Have you counted the cost.(GHS 205)

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