CAC Living Water Daily Devotional Guide

Friday, April 8, 2022

Read Matthew 15:10-20

MEMORISE:For as he thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7a).

Man was created in God’s image to bring forth His glory and have relationship/fellowship with Him. The man God created possessed the moral likeness of God, for they were sinless (holy). However, when Adam and Eve sinned, the moral characteristics of God in them was corrupted and their mind began to devise unwholesome thoughts.
Depraved thought connotes an action that is corrupt in a moral sense, or disposition. It is a heart that is marked by corruption or evil. The heart of a man determines his personal life, and it is the fountain of all thoughts, whether good or bad. Whoever or whatever we allow to occupy the driver’s seat of our hearts controls us.
The only antidote to prevent our hearts from being perverted is to occupy them with the things of God (Col. 3:2). The Bible describes what makes an individual’s heart polluted in our golden text today (Matt. 15:19), and we are to protect our hearts from such (Prov. 4:23). We are to carefully select what we listen to and watch, because whatever we hear does not stop in our ears, but goes into our hearts, and in turn, influences our actions. Any uncontrolled thought eventually leads to actions that negate God’s will.
God knows every thought of the heart of man for He created us. In order to have a heart, free from depraved thoughts, we must fill our hearts daily with the Word of God in order to counter every evil/corrupt thought, whether those originating from within us, or from the enemy of our souls. In case those corrupt thoughts want to raise their ugly heads in you, resist and reject them immediately by the power of Jesus. Also, learn to control what your eyes see and what your ears, hear. As we work hard to keep our outward appearance attractive, let us also work on our hearts to keep it free of depraved thoughts. Victory or defeat starts from the HEART. Be warned.


  1. Lord, purge my heart of every corrupt and unwholesome thoughts.
  2. Pray that God will create a new and clean heart in you, and give you the grace to pay attention to daily purification of your heart.
  3. Pray for CAC Adelaja Region, our father in the Lord, the Superintendent, and its officers at the various levels, as led by the Spirit of God.

2 Samuel 14 – 15

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