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Saturday, March 12, 2022.


Read Genesis 26:16-25
16 And Abimelech said to Isaac, “Go away from us, for you are much mightier than we.” 17 Then Isaac departed from there and pitched his tent in the Valley of Gerar, and dwelt there. 18 And Isaac dug again the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham. He called them by the names which his father had called them. 19 Also Isaac’s servants dug in the valley, and found a well of running water there.
20 But the herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with Isaac’s herdsmen, saying, “The water is ours.” So he called the name of the well Esek, a because they quarreled with him.
21 Then they dug another well, and they quarreled over that one also. So he called its name Sitnah.
22 And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So he called its name Rehoboth, c because he said, “For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”
23 Then he went up from there to Beersheba. 24 And the LORD appeared to him the same night and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you and multiply your descendants for My servant Abraham’s sake.”
25 So he built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD, and he pitched his tent there; and there Isaac’s servants dug a well.

And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So he called its name Rehoboth, because he said, “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land” (Genesis 26:22)

Point out a prosperous man who is not envied, then you would see another one who is greatly feared. When God promises to help you, He means business, for He is not a man that can lie (Num. 23:19). When He prospers you, you are likely to be a threat to some people, most especially, those who see themselves as your enemies. Isaac was advised not to go down to Egypt where there was pasture for the flock. Rather, he would be staying in Gerar where he would have the enemy to contend with and labour very hard before he would sustain himself. Does God not know the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:10)? But it is high time we knew there is a space of time and effort between God’s promises and fulfilment. Failing to wait is walking to fail. Patience is part of the fruit of the Spirit we must covet and pray to God for; for in it, are persistence and resilience which are instruments to break hard rocks.
If God speaks to you, hold on to it and work towards its fulfilment through your attitudes and actions. Though Isaac was troubled on every side, he remained unshaken as he glued himself to God’s promises to him. And because he knew his God well, he was able to do great exploits (cf. Dan. 11:32). Do you know your enemies will be tired one day, if you persist and resist all temptations to back out of God’s will? Then those who want you dead will join you to sing the song of victory as you praise your God. One thing is required of you as you are waiting on God, don’t look back, and don’t join the multitude who are not willing to wait but want quick-fix to all their challenges.
Remember Joseph who stood with God’s promises for 13 years without wavering (Gen. 45:7-9). Though we may be bruised, we will surely end well if we wait for God’s means to take us there.


  1. Lord, help me to persevere as I pass through my difficult time in life.
  2. Lord, I am ready to stay where You want me to; send me Your provisions for my location in terms of people, products and promotion.
  3. Father, help Your Church to resiliently face the persecution You allow for it, with total confidence in Your ability to fulfil Your purpose.

Joshua 8 – 10

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