CAC Living Water Daily Devotional Guide

THE LIVING WATER {Jan. ~ June, 2022}

Tuesday, March 8, 2022
-International Women’s Day


Read 1 Samuel 25:2-29

MEMORISE: By pride comes nothing but strife, but with well-advised is wisdom (Proverbs 13:10)

Abigail was a beautiful woman, endowed with wisdom from above. She was beautiful inside out, but married to a foolish husband, which caused her to most likely have a loveless marriage. Her life was a reflection of strength in trials. She never wallowed in pity, despite her obvious challenge of having a toxic marriage, i.e. being married to an inconsiderate, surly and mean husband like Nabal. Just look at the way he lambasted David who had earlier undeservedly did him favours, when the latter asked for a little favour from him (1 Sam. 25:10-11). Imagine what a man like this would have been doing to, and with his household, including his wife. That was the kind of man Abigail had to cope with.
Abigail was sensitive to all that was going on around her. She was loving to her unloving husband. Her niceness to all around her, including her servants/slaves must have informed why she was promptly informed when evil was looming on her household. She had both spiritual and communal sensitivity. And when the need arose, she acted courageously, wisely tackling the threatening situation. Her sensitivity helped her to save David from committing the error he would have later regretted, and saved her own household from annihilation.
Proverbs 31:30 clearly warns that beauty/charm is vain when one does not fear God. It is the fear of God in you that will fetch you the wisdom to tackle difficult and impossible situations (cf. Jn. 16:33). When any situation arises, don’t let fear hold you back; move forward in God’s courage, and deliver your generation, like Esther did (Est. 4:16). Be humble and kind, even to the unloving/undeserving. Your kindness and humility will save you and others around you from danger. Seek peace (good and godly relationship) with those around you; those people might be your saving grace in case of danger. Take a cue from Abigail even as today commemorates International Women’s day.


  1. Pray that God will strip you of every iota of pride that can lead you into danger/disaster.
  2. Pray that God will grant you the grace to show love, even to the unloving.
  3. Pray for CAC Latunde Region, our father in the Lord, the Superintendent, and its officers at the various levels, as led by the Spirit of God.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: Deuteronomy 29 – 31

Remain blessed!

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