Gofamint Daily Devotional Reading


FRI. 24/12/2021


EPH. 1:3-14

Holiness has been described as a nature that delights in purity and which repels evil. The Christians as well are sanctified and justified. They are called holy because they are set apart for God absolutely according to the right won by Christ through His death, and made good when he is born-again. The principle of holiness is expected to be applied in all areas of Christian life and conducts — courtship and marriage inclusive. Christian courtship must be conducted in the state of purity of heart and dispositions. The affection and passion toward partners must be sanctified. Holiness before marriage is the only foundation for lasting marriage. No set before marriage; no sinful practices of any kind. One moment of stolen pleasure will result into a lifetime of regret. You are warned.

POINT OF EMPHASIS: Strive to be blameless in your courtship.

PRAYER POINT: O my Father keep me holy and blameless always in Jesus’ name.
Reading The Bible Through in a Year: Morning: Jn. 21; Evening: Judg. 17-18.

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