Gofamint Daily Devotional Reading


SUN. 12/12/ 2021


GEN. 49:19-24

Polygamy, which is having more than one wife, was first practiced by Lamech.
Polygamy bring woes and troubles that often result in gross sins and violence.
David’s involvement in polygamy made him to break three out of the Ten commandments of God namely covetousness, adultery and murder (2 Sam11:1-17). Solomon in his own case was driven to abandon the God of Israel and burn incense and sacrifice to strange gods (1 Kgs 11:1-8). Polygamy is disastrous, the standard basis for Christian marriage is the one which God ordained for Adam and Eve. A man shall leave his father and mother. They shall cleave together and become one flesh (Gen 2:18; Matt 19:4-6).

POINT OF EMPHASIS: The standard basis for Christian marriage is the one ordained for Adam and Eve.

PRAYER POINT: O Lord, grant to all Christian men the grace to be satisfied with one wife.
Reading The Bible Through in a Year: Morning: Jn. 11:1-27; Evening: Jos. 17-18.

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