Gofamint Daily Devotional Reading


SUN. 5/12/2021



One of the ways by which a man or woman can be adjudged as responsible, is if he or she is married. It is an honorable thing to be married and there are modes of behaviour and character traits that the society expects from a married man and woman. God expects the married couples to be holy and not defile their matrimonial bed. Sexual sins are expressways of dishonouring, defiling and breaking the sacred covenant of marriage. Are there not Christian men and women who cannot boast of their sexual faithfulness to their legally married wives or husbands today? When you begin to have sexual desire in a man or woman who is not your wife or husband; watch it!

POINT OF EMPHASIS: Marriage is honourable; don’t defile your marital bed.

PRAYER POINT: Father, delivery me from anything that wants to defile my marriage in Jesus name.
Reading The Bible Through in a Year: Morning: Jn. 6:41-71; Evening: Jos. 3-4.

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