Gofamint Daily Devotional Reading


SAT. 20/11/2021


1 COR. 15: 25-28

Beginning from the time of the second coming of Jesus Christ, He will rule and reign over all of creation. All authority has been given to Him by God the Father. He will exercise this authority over all until He has defeated all powers, principalities and those who oppose and disobed God. After achieving this total victory He will surrender His authority back to God. God will then be the supreme authority and power which He has always been. Christ would have gotten rid of all those who lived and operated as if they had powers in themselves and the devil along with his angels who rebelled against God. All powers will reside in and derive from God so that He will be all in all. There will be no more rebellion because everyone will submit to this supreme authority. While Christians are still on this Earthly pilgrimage. They are given the privilege to taste the powers of the age to come and which they will have full access to when Christ’s kingdom fully starts (Heb. 6:5).

POINT OF EMPHASIS: Christ will surrender His kingdom to God the Father, that God may become the all in all.
PRAYER POINT: Jehovah, I surrender to you; be my all in all from now.
Reading The Bible Through in a Year: Morning: Lk. 18:24-43; Evening: Deut. 7-8.

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