Faith and Corresponding Actions by Rev Olusola Areogun

The Spirit Meat Daily Devotional Guide

By Rev. Olusola & Rev. Oyenike Areogun

Faith and Corresponding Actions (I)

– James 2:1-21

Do you want proof that faith without corresponding action is dead? According to James, one proof is Abraham. Was Abraham our father justified by corresponding actions? Abraham could have promised God (vs 21), “God I will do it”. The reason many Christians are not getting their miracles is this: when you say, “God I will give that offering, I will release that one thousand Naira,” you only make a pledge, you don’t go ahead to do it. The Bible says, “When he had offered Isaac”, God tested Abraham to the fullest; and he didn’t stop at the willingness of his heart; He went all the way to carry it out.

There are many people that promise God a lot of things when they are in tight corners. When God says in response to them, “I am committing this to you”, they back off. But they come to God saying, “O yes Lord, as soon as hands are laid on me, I am going to believe I am healed” and yet you cross your faith by going to do something wrong again.

In the Amplified version of Mark 5, that woman with the issue of blood kept saying, “If I touch the hem of His garment, I shall be made whole”. She kept saying and she went and did it. God didn’t heal her until she did it. This is why many of us don’t see the fruits of our faith. Faith is the greatest, most rugged force on the earth today but you will not see the fruits if there are no corresponding actions.

PRAYER: Father, I pray for grace to do all the work my faith requires of me. Help me to daily fight the good fight of faith in Jesus Name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Esther 8:1-10:3,1 Corinthians 12:27-13:13, Psalm 37:1-11, Proverbs 21:23-24

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