No Excuses by Pastor W.F Kumuyi


SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2021


TEXT: Numbers 15:22-29

“Then it shall be, if ought be committed by ignorance without the knowledge of the congregation, that all the congregation shall offer one young bullock for a burnt offering, for a sweet savour unto the LORD, with his meat offering, and his drink offering, according to the manner, and one kid of the goats for a sin offering.” – (Numbers 15:24)

If everyone were allowed to give excuses for every wrong done, the most gruesome criminal would pass off as a saint! Imagine a legal system that accepts ignorance as an excuse; premeditated crimes would have been explained away without proper justice being served. Knowing the nature of man, God did well to point out that, He would not condone ignorance of sins committed without remission of that sin.

The text centres on what to do when a congregation or an individual commits a sin out of ignorance. Rather than taking human excuses or legal arguments on why the sin was committed, God expects remission for all sins whether done by ignorance or presumption. This echoes the saying that no one can appeal God’s verdict except by remission, redemption and restitution. In the Kingdom’s economy, there is nothing to be swept under the carpet or blanket that will not be revealed on the day of judgment.

God will not hold anyone guiltless no matter their stance or pedigree. We must obey and follow the royal law as recorded in the Scriptures to repent when there is still hope for redemption. If we are found wanting, instead of standing on the fence of ignorance and formulating convincing alibis to exonerate ourselves, we must make reconciliation and restitution to the offended party regardless of who they are.

Is there any unresolved issue, restitution, repentance, reconciliation, apology or confessions that you hope the sand of time may bury? Settle it today! If the matter is grievous, such that life is involved, you may need to consult a trusted and mature spiritual leader for counselling. On the day of reckoning, God will not wink at a sin that was not confessed and atoned for by His Son, Jesus Christ.

Judge yourself now to avoid the wrath of heaven on Judgment Day.

2 Corinthians 10-13

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