God Anoints Divine Process by Rev Olusola Areogun

Spirit Meat Daily Devotional

Sunday, 16th May 2021


– Acts 13:13; Acts 16:1-3

The fourth thing God anoints is Divine Process. God is a God of process – the process to make you into the product that God wants you to be. Take note of these four ‘P’s – Person, Process, Pace and Product. When He called you, He knew what He wanted to make you become. He knows the exact thing He wants you to become.

The process to make a doctor out of somebody, for instance, is going to be different from the process to make a pastor out of another. Therefore, stop looking at another person and being jealous of another person’s post because God is making different products out of us; He is the Maker.

There are many people that have jumped out of the process of God. When Paul received the apostolic calling, John Mark’s mother was the Mary in whose house they were praying and his uncle was Barnabas, the apostle. You can’t have a better heritage! They chose him to follow Barnabas and Paul as a minister because God had an apostolic destiny for him, but when he entered the process, he went back.

In Acts 16:3, Paul chose Timothy to go with him. He became an apostle with Paul and Silvanus. In 2 Timothy 4:11, Paul told Timothy to bring John Mark when coming because he was profitable to him for the ministry. The word ‘ministry’ there is deaconship. A man that God designed to finish ministry as an apostle ended up as a deacon because he couldn’t go through the process.

PRAYER: Lord, help me not to abort God’s process for me. I will wait until You complete Your works in me. Amen

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Samuel 18:5-19:24, John 8:31-59, Psalm 112:1-10, Proverbs 15:12-14

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