Align or Alone – CAC Living Water Devotional



Wednesday, April 28, 2021.


Read Psalms 23:1-6

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me (John 15:4)

Among many other things, there are 3 major factors the sheep look up to the shepherd for.
They include:

  1. PROVISION: One of the major benefits the sheep enjoys from aligning with the shepherd is provision of food, water, shelter, and other life-enhancing facilities (cf. Psa. 23:1). The obedient and submissive sheep enjoys great supply from the Shepherd (Phil. 4:19).
  2. PROTECTION: I Samuel 17:33-35 shows us how David protected his father’s flock in the face of wild animals (cf. Psa. 23:4). The confidence the sheep has in the shepherd’s love and care for his safety cannot be over emphasized. Just as a mother- hen protects her chicks under her wings at the sense of an eagle, so does the sheperd protects his flock. Therefore, a wise sheep willingly aligns himself to the will of the shepherd.
  3. DIRECTION: It is not news that the sheep is known for its foolishness and lack of direction. It is the shepherd who leads the sheep in the right path. The Shepherd knows where danger is, and helps the sheep to avoid to avoid it. He directs the sheep to the green pasture (Psa. 23:2-3)
    However, if any sheep decides to go its own way, and does not align with the way and will of the shepherd, it becomes the enemy’s prey (cf. Jn. 15:6). Being under our sheperd is beyond mere (cf. Jn. 10:14). The Shepherd and and the sheep know and recognize each other well. Are you actually under Jesus, our perfect Sheperd, or you merely claim so? Does He recognize you as His own? Stop being a lone-ranger, because only those He recognizes as His Sheep Enjoy all He has to offer. Shalom!


  1. Lord, I willingly yield and align myself to Your will and guidance.
  2. Lord, I submit myself totally to Your tutelage so I can enjoy all the benefits You have for me.
  3. Lord, help secure all factory workers everywhere as they labour harsh conditions, so that they do not get injured or become incapacitated.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: I Sam. 13:3 – 14:43; Luke 18:31 – 19:9.

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