Dealing With The Strongholds of the Mind by Rev Olusola Areogun

Spirit Meat Daily Devotional

Sunday 25th April, 2021


– 2 Corinthians 10:1-5

The word “stronghold” is translated as a ‘fortress’ or a ‘tower’ (a place of defence) in the Bible. The name of the Lord is a stronghold and when you hold on to it, the enemy cannot come near because the name is shielding you. Just like that, the devil has built a lot of strongholds inside the soul of man, including Christians.

When the Bible says “renew your mind”, it is addressing the area of your soul that needs to be changed. Strongholds are fortresses in the realm of the soul of man where demon spirits hide. Strongholds are responsible for all un-Christ-like manifestations that some Christians still exhibit.

There are certain ways by which the devil builds strongholds into man. For example, in the kind of environment where people grow up, the dominant spirit has built up strongholds that will suit the operation of that spirit in them. A lot of people have a stronghold of fear because they grew up in an atmosphere where fear was the dominant force.

It takes time to apply the word of God to destroy that fortress of fear and build a fortress of the word of God before it begins to roll out of your mouth unconsciously. As you meditate on the word of God, focusing your mind and thinking on it, the word of God begins to enter into you, affecting parts of that stronghold, pulling it down and replacing it.

If our minds will grow to a stage that the spirit of a sound mind will possess us, we have to tear down those fortresses.

PRAYER: I pull down every stronghold of the devil affecting my mind NOW in the name of Jesus!

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Judges 4:1-5:31, Luke 22:35-53, Psalm 94:1-23, Proverbs 14:3-4

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