Before the Mantle by Pastor W.F Kumuyi




TEXT: ACTS 6:1-7

MEMORY VERSE: “Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business” (ACTS 6:3).

Some years ago in an African country, a politician claimed victory in a closely-fought election into the office of the Provincial Governor. His victory dance was short-lived, however, because soon afterwards his election was annulled. His opponents had presented credible evidence that he was actually a citizen of a neighbouring country. They argued successfully that his citizenship was a stolen one and therefore his mandate had no standing in law. In appointing church ministers, the early apostles followed the same old guideline. Citizenship must precede the crowning, just as membership must precede the ministerial mantle. The throne is never thrown at a stranger. This is true in the spiritual realm as it is in the physical.

Academic brilliance or personal quality and charisma are good natural endowments but they are not sufficient for spiritual leadership. Before praying to become a leader in the youth fellowship, you must become a born-again child of God first. In the progression of grace, it is always regeneration, consecration and sanctification before responsibility. Repent and be saved to start the journey to leadership in the house of God today.

QUOTE: The throne is never thrown at a stranger.

CHALLENGE: Seek pardon and the privileges will follow.

PRAYER: Lord, speak to me that I may speak.

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